Young Chul Kim, World bank country manager for Belarus

Excerpt from an interview to Radio Belarus' Grigori Mitiushnikov

Minsk, October 2016
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Turkey to Belarus K. Nilvana Darama

Excerpt from an interview to Radio Belarus' Grigori Mitiushnikov

Minsk, August 2016
Sanaka Samarasinha, UN Resident Coordinator in Belarus

“Belarus in spite of Chernobyl, has done a really good job in achieving the Millennium development goals, especially in reducing poverty."

Excerpt from an interview to Radio Belarus' Grigori Mitiushnikov

Minsk, April 27, 2016
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of India to Belarus Pankaj Saxena

Excerpt from an interview to Radio Belarus' Grigori Mitiushnikov

Minsk, April 2016
Belarusian diplomat, researcher, and writer Vladimir Schastny

Excerpt from an interview to Radio Belarus on an international project dedicated to Belarus-born artist Leon Bakst ("Leon Bakst: Living by the Firebird's Feather", an essay)

Minsk, 02.03.2016

Programs and interviews

Young Chul Kim, The World bank country manager for Belarus (pt. 1)
Young Chul Kim, The World bank country manager for Belarus (pt. 2)
Olga Sherbina, head of International Finance Corporation office in Belarus 14.09.2016, Minsk
Sergey Sirotkin, Vice-president of the Association of Belarusians in Switzerland, Minsk 22.07
Interview with honorary consul of Belarus for the Flemish region Karel Van Hoorebeke
Interview with Kiryl Rudy,economic advisor to the President of Belarus. Minsk, 30.05.16
Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference delegation visits Belarus
Seminar “Energy efficiency and green energy: experiences and solutions from the Nordic countries” (Minsk, 11.02.2016)
Alena Kupchyna, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus, from “Belarus and Belarusians” exhibition (Minsk, 19.01.16)
Mr. Juha Hamalainen, Chairman of the Board of Finnish-Belarusian Chamber of Commerce
Josef Dufek, Metrostav's Minsk office director (Minsk, 17.02.2016)
Interview with Olivier Poivre d'Arvor, French novelist and Ambassador for Cultural Attractiveness
Interview with Deputy General Manager of the company JTI in Belarus Gennady Brusnikov
Interview with Deputy Economy Minister of Belarus Alexander Yaroshenko
Interview with Petya Nestorova, Executive Secretary of the CE Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings
Business Life: In commemoration of the 90th anniversary of The Belarusian Society of Friendship and Cultural Relations
Popular diplomacy (Eastern partnership)
Belarusian photoartist - Valery Katsuba
Voices of the Century
In the depth of the country
State Border Committee p.1
State Border Committee p.2
The Confucius Institute at Minsk State Linguistic University 01.02.16
From the Slavic Roots 06.12.16
From the Slavic Roots 13.12.16
From the Slavic Roots 20.12.16
From the Slavic Roots 27.12.16
Letters to editor
Postcard from Belarus
Business Life. Belarusian-Finnish Economic Forum in Gomel


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Dmitri Mironchik
Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus

 "How Belarus voted on country-specific resolutions on human rights violations in the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly on 15 November became the subject of multiple speculations in mass media. The speculations have nothing in common with the real state of affairs.
There were four documents like that but they decided to slam Belarus only for the one concerning Ukraine. This is why I would like to note that Belarus’ stance on Ukraine has not changed at all. We strongly believe that how human rights are discussed in the United Nations Organization has no bearing on the matter of Ukraine’s territorial integrity.
Belarus had had an opportunity to experience the destructiveness and injustice of country resolutions firsthand and now strongly believes that country resolutions can attain nothing.
Developed in the Cold War period, the practice is now being enforced upon the United Nations Organization by individual countries, which are bent on promoting only their own interests. It is particularly obvious in a situation when the international community has already developed a new procedure — the universal periodic review of the UN Human Rights Council. The mechanism is far from ideal but at least it relies on a constructive and professional dialogue of equals. And it has borne fruit: Belarus has twice passed the universal periodic review and together with the UN the country has worked out a national plan on human rights that takes into account recommendations of human rights agencies of the United Nations Organization.
Belarus always votes against country resolutions regardless of where they are considered — in Geneva or New York. The actions in no way represent a token of support for the countries such resolutions focus on. Instead such actions indicate the persistent rejection of the hypocritical approach to human rights, which is being enforced upon the United Nations Organization by individual countries that claim they know best.
We have already pointed out that country resolutions are unacceptable to vote for in New York. A number of countries have expressed their support for us, including India, Indonesia, China, Russia, and other ones that represent more than half of the planet’s population. We believe it is a worthy result. We will continue upholding this point of view in the future as we vote against the general idea of country resolutions and against individual country resolutions.
The point of view had been explained by Belarusian Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Makei to his counterparts from other countries, who had asked for an explanation, including Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs Pavel Klimkin. A phone conversation with Pavel Klimkin took place the day before the votes were cast."

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